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Early Childhood Education and School Preparedness Center Opens in Brooklyn

Think, Play, and Learn, an early childhood education center in Park Slope, aims to help struggling children reach their full academic potential and provides the foundation necessary to be successful students. The pre-K and kindergarten prep program ensures kids are prepared for their first day of school with all the necessary support and skills.

Think, Play, and Learn helps prepare struggling children for school.Think, Play, and Learn, an early childhood center, will open its doors Jan. 13 in Park Slope, offering a free first class for parents who call and register their child. The center helps struggling children ages 6 months to 6 years of all developmental levels reach their full academic potential and provides them the foundation needed to be successful in future endeavors.

To register for classes, parents and their child must meet with Nicole Fiel and Deanna Morelli, co-directors of Think, Play, and Learn, for a pre-assessment to determine the developmental level at which the child is performing. “Whatever your child’s functioning level is, we have a class for them,” says Fiel, who has been a special education itinerant teacher for the past seven years. She and Morelli have master’s degrees in special education and have known each other since they taught the same student in different academic settings.

Think, Play, and Learn offers a pre-K and kindergarten prep program that gives children the support he or she needs and ensures they have the skills teachers expect them to have on their first day of school. “Everything is age-appropriate and, most of all, it’s fun,” Fiel says.“The children will want to come back and learn.


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